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3DMacPhee Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016
Hi we met at the Ex!
gpsychosis Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2016
Hello :) I faved a couple of your works. I am a big fan of stereograms -- for some reason though, I get them inverted. Looks very strange on your 11 x 14 Silver Surfer piece!
3DMacPhee Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016
Hi there! Nice of you to call! It was a real pleasure to meet you too

i'm very happy that you had a peek at my art!                  (The image on the left is intended for the left eye) 

When I paint in 3D, I don't cross my eyes to merge the two sides. I look past the screen the way you look past the glass in a mirror or out a window. The position and location of my head is the main thing, not like in a mirror

This is hard to explain to many people but there are various ways to see in 3D.

The important thing is that I freely provide the digital information for each eye for people to download and play with.
Next to Photoshop, I can't help thinking that my favorite program is "StereoPhoto Maker"

By modern standards, it is an  itsee bitty program at only 3 meg but the stuff I used to do with 64k would blow you away but I lost it. (My cat peed in my computer a lot)

"StereoPhoto Maker" is free and safe. read about it on Wikipedia. Download it as soon as you feel convinced.

It gives you powers that you have never imagined! If you like taking pictures, your life has now been totally cranked up!

Use "StereoPhoto Maker" to reverse the left and right by using X or use it with your camera to learn how to make amazing 3D photos of your own! It's an easy program to lean and I really want you to have it on your big monitor so that you can zoom in and pan around in my art. 

Once you get "StereoPhoto Maker" down, You really should download as much of 3Dmacphee as you can so that you can really play around with "StereoPhoto Maker" and your own photos. It opens up a whole new superpower right in the palm of your hand, man!

Lets keep in touch!
rsc92 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015
Thanks a lot for the fave!